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The team at Phoenix provide regulatory compliance solutions for global interventional and non-interventional  real-world research studies. Working with global clients, we have years of experience helping businesses embrace the technology of today to create the solutions of tomorrow by offering a way of producing healthcare research that is easier than ever before.

With greater global demand since the COVID-19 pandemic, high-quality data gained through observational studies is more important than ever. At Phoenix, we use deeptech to provide simple and elegant real-world outcome consultancy tools to support the conduct of, and provide confidence in, real-world evidence generating studies.

RWE can support drug development through a variety of ways, covering pre-marketing clinical development and post-marketing evaluation, improving the efficiency of clinical trials, and helping to address the limitations of traditional clinical trials by providing information about what actually happens in the real world.

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Regulatory Considerations

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Whether you’re based in San Francisco, Chicago, Princeton, or elsewhere, discover how to classify your study with confidence with our surprisingly simple steps to prevent critical mistakes and set up your study for success. The experienced team of interventional and non-interventional study consultants at Phoenix can help you achieve the elusive goal of saving, time, money and effort as well as remove the excess baggage of unnecessary tasks and superfluous processes, reducing timelines and effort, and ultimately making you and your team more productive.

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Regulatory compliance solutions  for real world research studies


Stuart delivers a profound knowledge of global clinical development regulatory regimes mixed with substantial experience across the product development lifecycle. He is truly an asset to the team(s) he works with.

I consider Stuart to be the go-to thought leader in the industry when it comes to understanding the regulatory landscape in Real World Evidence, his expertise allows you to navigate this landscape with confidence that in the ever-shifting world of study design in RWE you will be heading in the right direction.

Head of Delivery, Real World Solutions @ CRO

I learned about CHCUK services years before I joined Syneos Health. And was fascinated about the tool. At that time I could not imagine that I will have an opportunity to work with you in one team. I would like to take this chance and say Thank You. That you always gladly shared your expertise, for being so clever and proactive, when confronted with the regulatory obstacles, that you were always seeking for new ideas and innovative solutions.

You are the person who recognizes the needs of others and reaches out to lend a helping hand. Thank you for your great work!

Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives

Stuart has an extraordinary knowledge about regulations to conduct Non interventional studies and Real World Evidence studies in human research, all over the world. His business background makes him to provide clients and stakeholders the most effective strategies to conduct and initiate this type of studies . He is an excellent speaker that engages audience combining fun , and wisdom. Also outstanding as consultant . But what I admire most about him is that he has the virtue of inspiring others. He is a great leader because he shares his enthusiasm in the daily work and at the same time teachs you and empower you to develop your proficiency in performing your job. It is not very often that a manager has this latest ability , that is why I highlight it .

Regulatory Advisor, Dark Knight @ CRO

I had the pleasure of working with Stuart for 2 years since the merger of INC research and Inventiv Health. Stuart’s knowledge and enthusiasm about regulatory pathways and ensuring compliance for real world research is outstanding. He is well regarded both within the company and outras an expert in his field and we have regularly called upon his expertise to guide our teams and our customers in ensuring we follow the correct process. He is an engaging speaker and really fun to work with.

Head of Clinical Operations, @ CRO

Stuart is a guiding light in the field of Real-World Regulatory Science. He does not hesitate to challenge the status quo. He is an innovator: he combines his outstanding scientific knowledge with his expertise in pharmacovigilance, protocol design, medical and regulatory to develop innovative approaches on how to deal efficiently with complex questions that have a major impact on protocol development and research project conduct worldwide.

He is an accomplished speaker, a great teacher and he manages his audience effortlessly. Stuart was my boss for 7 years at Syneos Health and a great leader

Principal Regulatory Consultant, Real World Clinical Consutling, Dark Knight @ CRO

I had the pleasure to work with Stuart for almost 6 years. Few people have this opportunity, to work and learn from one of the best in the Real World area. I’m still in awe of Stu’s knowledge and expertise in the Real World research, of his ability to turn the most complex situation into a simple one and to make you laugh on the same time. But the most outstanding part is that I have always felt supported by him and I knew that he would always come up with a solution even if that would mean a few ( or more) sleepless nights. He is a great asset in any team,the best!

Principal Regulatory Consultant, Real World and Late Phase, Dark Knight @ CRO

In addition to Stuart’s great knowledge of regulatory compliance, I am equally impressed with Stuart’s ability to put together a team of people that not only meet the criteria of the work to be done, but share similar personality traits. Fortunately, I was chosen to be part of his team. He not only mentored me and grew my skill set, but also gave me the confidence to further my achievements.

Staff Accountant, @ Healthcare Company

Stuart has a wealth of knowledge and the incredible ability to take very complex processes and digest them into actionable steps.

Strategic Advisor, @ Enterprise Ventures

It was my very considerable pleasure to work with Stuart on the development of the Real-World Studies Document Index, an initiative he had proposed 2018. Almost certainly the preeminent global authority in all matters concerning Real-World Studies, Stuart was an invaluable resource on the project. A progressive, critical thinker (though he prefers the term “disruptive”), Stuart brought intelligent, meticulous, and independent reasoning that was persuasive for its clarity and objectivity. Attendant to- but never distracted by- the noise of differing opinions, Stuart would draw on analytical evaluation and incontrovertible logic to separate truth from misinformation. Stuart’s rationale and pragmatic approach gave all involved in the project absolute confidence in the merit of the final deliverable. But much more than the sum of his exceptional encyclopedic knowledge and profound exhortations, Stuart is a wonderfully engaging, generous, and hugely charismatic man whom I am delighted to count a great friend. If you are running a Real-World Study, to echo the old Access Credit Card advertisements: “Don’t leave home without him”.

Information Governance Expert, @ Consultant